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Custom Printed Signs.  Durable With the Best Full Color Graphics Ever.

We create custom printed signs of all types in Tucson including dimensional logos and signs using a variety of materials that adds the depth and richness of color that your brand demands. We don’t outsource your business to the “other guys”. We carefully analyze your needs, take into consideration the outdoor environment and propose a solution.  This method has worked for over 25 years.  Maintenance, change of copy and fast service?  That’s why we’re here.   We do all types of custom printed signs. Custom Braille Signs, large outdoor signs,  interior signs of all types and a wide range of cheap custom signs.

Foam Core & Coroplast Signs. Save and Have a Great Look!

Foam Core Signs

Direct Printing onto material for custom coroplast signs and custom foam core signs has reduced the cost of full color custom signs to a fraction of the previous price.  Add to that our ability to apply a thin coat of clear laminate to the surface, and the result is an inexpensive coroplast sign that will stand out in any crowd.  Use for special events, real estate signs and a lot more! Limited exterior use.

Varieties of Custom Aluminum Signs Printed in Full Color!

University of arizona Aluminum Signs

We print graphics for aluminum sign types such as menu boards, airport signage and directionals. Our full color prints are brighter and higher resolution to show off the details.  The difference is in our technology and design capability.  We also fabricate the acrylic letters and logos used by companies worldwide.  And if you think getting the best costs more you’re mistaken.

Custom Braille Signs. Full Color! ADA Signs Fabricated In-House

Braille SignsIt’s important to be compliant with ADA and braille sign laws when it comes to signage both indoors and out!  We utilize raster bead technology sign types, photo polymer ADA signs and printed Braille.  If companies such as Raytheon, Banner Health and Pima County choose us, shouldn’t you?  In Tucson, Custom Braille Signs with raised letters are manufactured on site.  Questions?  Call us at 520 795-7446.


Custom Window Lettering and Full Color Graphics. Any Size or Shape.

Window GraphicsFrom great looking business hours, to logos, to completely covering your windows with a full color display.  Our award winning work for the Titanic display in downtown Tucson and the many retail displays that we have completed will have the crowds looking your way.  Why?  It’s because of our printing process and creativity.

Routing of Three Dimensional Letters and Graphics.

3D Letters We route three dimensional letters and graphics.  Choose from a variety of metals, acrylics, wood or PVC.  The perfect look for both exterior and interior applications.  Everything produced digitally, so there is no need to select from among  just a few type styles.  Full color graphics cut to shape and size are a popular specialty.

Decals and Labels, Custom Wallpaper, Wall & Floor Graphics

Custom Wallpaper

Getting tired of dealing with that blank wall?  What if you could pick photos, any brand, or any WOW factor to grab attention.  Check out the UA Volleyball locker room as an example.  Newspaper articles, logos, and spectacular photos.  Too much?  Not enough? Sometimes just a simple wall graphic or floor graphic can do the job.


Serving Tucson, Marana, Vail, Oro Valley, Green Valley and clients across the country.



To get the most out of your signage, there are three important design principles all business owners need to keep in mind when designing banners, posters and other signage.

1. Compelling color. The choice of color in custom printed signs plays a huge part. Think of “Coke red” or “McDonald’s yellow.” Often, color can help convey a brand’s identity.

“Studies have shown that 80 percent of the recognition of a trademark is due to its color,”.

Another important consideration: trendy colors. Some business owners may feel compelled to convey their personality via signs that use current, modern colors. But “care should be taken to consider longevity when designing static signage.”  “Today’s color of the year could be tomorrow’s eyesore.”